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Elissa realised very young the great creative spirit within both herself and all things, and all connectedness.


Knowing we can´t help another until we have healed ourselves, the native Australian Elissa embarked on studies of psychology, natural medicine, herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, massage and yoga and spent her early years attending ¨this wounded soul¨.


Elissa went on to practice as a natural therapist, qualifying in deep tissue therapy, swedish, sports, shiatsu, nutrition, aromatherapy and iridology by 1993, remedial qualifications by 1996 and , and gained  Reiki  qualification at levels 1 and 2 in 2003.  


Over the last twenty five years,Elissa has massaged people people from all walks of life in nearly 20 countries.


Elissa qualified in Hatha Flow Yoga in 2005 and teaches  yoga and meditation to all types and ages, from kids to grandparents!


From the early 90´s Elissa blossomed parrallel careers in the healing arts, music and stand up comedy and utilises all in the healing recallibration of our collective, self perpetuated and self limiting thoughts which steal our life force and keep us repressed.


Elissa works by two Hippocratic principles of healing

-First, do no harm

-Second, ´let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.


Elissa is also available for consultation via zoom.

About Elissa Hawke -

Massage/ Hatha Yoga/ Nutrition /

Juice Fasts /Tarot


Qualifications and Studies:


Australian National University, Canberra ACT

Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, English


Relaxation Massage Cert, Canberra ACT


Academy of Natural Therapies QLD
Cert. Swedish Massage
Cert. Sports Massage
Cert. Iridology
Cert. Nutrition


Academy of Natural Therapies QLD
Cert. Deep Tissue Therapy
Cert. Shiatsu, Cupping & Moxibustion
Cert. Aromatherapy
Diploma of Massage


Southern School of Natural Therapies (VIC)
Diploma of Remedial Massage



(With Reiki Master Lyn Craven, Sydney NSW) 
REIKI 1 and 2



2007.  Trained and practiced with Australian Origine Shaman Gary Simon Jagamurra

2012 Trained and practiced with Peruvian Shipobo Tribe Ayauasca Shaman Eladio

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